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  • DSL Residential Prices
  • DSL Business Prices
  • Dialup Accounts
  • Domain Names
  • Billing Policies

  • DSL Accounts

      All DSL accounts are $16.95 / month

    Dialup Accounts
    Account Hours Month Free Mailboxes Setup Fee Tech Support
    56K Priority** Unmetered $25 4 none included
    56K Value** Unmetered $19.95 3 none included
    Budget 18 $12.50* 1 none included
    Basic unmetered $11.95*** 1 none fee based
    * Budget accounts billed quarterly only.
    ** Must be using a V.90-capable modem. Stable connections require your phone line and modem to be of good quality. See the 56K page.
    *** Credit card only billing

    Our policy is to ensure that our priority clients never hear a busy signal. We closely monitor our lines and add more BEFORE they are needed.
    Value Accounts
    While value accounts provide the most bang for the buck you may experience difficulities getting a connection or maintaining a connection during peak use hours (typically evenings).
    Budget Account
    This is an 18 hours value account. Great for email and casual browsing.
    Full time connections for those who need instant access to the Internet 24 hours a day. The 'active use' restriction does not apply.
    The number of hours of active use of an Internet connection for each account type. In plain English, active use means that you must be actively (by watching the monitor and typing on the keyboard) controlling the transmission and receipt of data. The active use restriction does not apply to a dedicated account.
    The monthly rate for each account type.
    One-time fee to setup your account on our system.

    Email Accounts
    Service Cost
    Email (20 MB) $2.95
    Extra Storage $1.00 / 10 MB
    Filter Management* $1.00 / email account
    • Email left on the server for 90 days or more is subject to deletion.
    • Email accounts unused (not accessed) for 90 days or more are subject to deletion.
    • Email destined for email accounts that exceed the storage limit may be rejected with a "mailbox is full" message.
    • Each email account includes one free email forward from a domain email address (see below).
    Over 95% of the email arriving at our mail server is junk or spam. A large portion of the spam is identified and immediately rejected. Read more about how that process works here.

    All remaining email is passed through a spam filter and given a 'spam score' which you may use in your email program to further sort out and reject spam. There is no charge for this service.

    *With filter management we will sort your mail based on the 'spam score' and place the spam in a separate spam mailbox so you never have to see it. See the emailfilter management page for more information.
    Domain Name
    & Name Service

    Coinet's fees for 'Domain Registration' include name registration and managed nameservice. Discount name registrars do not provide managed nameservice, and do not tell you that you must do your own nameservice management. Nameservice is critical, if not done correctly your email, website or other services will not work.

    Service Our Fee
    Domain Registration $24.95 (one time)
    Domain Transfer $24.95 (one time)
    Domain Renewal $6.00 / quarter
    Other Domain Name Services
    Domain Name Email** $2.95 / month
    Email Aliases $2.95 / month
    (first is free***)
    * Includes managed nameservice
    ** Requires 1 or more real email boxes into which to forward emails. *** You may have any number of email aliases ( The first email alias forwarded to each of your email accounts at Coinet (see above) is free. This is for those who want email addresses at their domain name but do not require web services.

    Please see our domain registration page or call us at 389-1303.
    Domain registration requires that you agree to the terms of the Registry Operator's Registration Agreement.

    With your own domain name your
    Web address will look like this:
    And your
    email address will be:

    25 NW Minnesota Suite 8 - Bend, OR - 97701
    +1 541-389-1303 COINET.COM