I need to (re-)setup my computer for email.

   With the "Coinet Setup CD" you can quickly configure your dialup
   and email account on any computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or
   later.  If your purchase a new computer or have reinstalled your
   operating system you can use this CD to reinstall your dialup and
   email account.

   Do you have the "Coinet Setup CD"?      Yes / No 

I always get disconnected after checking my email.

   This problem is most often associated with Microsoft Outlook or
   Outlook Express and happens because your email program is
   configured to hangup after checking your mail.  To see if this is
   the problem:

   Start Outlook Express
      Click on the Outlook Express icon on your desktop.
      Start --> (All) Programs --> Outlook Express
   After Outlook Express starts
      Click on  Tools --> Options --> Connection (tab)
      "Hang up after sending and receiving" should NOT be checked.
      "Ask before switching dial-up connections" should be checked.

   If this does not solve your problem then   Click Here  to create a trouble ticket.

I have mail but downloading it takes a long time and often fails.

   Most likely someone has sent you a VERY large email attachment that
   takes a very long time to download.  You can use your web browser
   (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) to view email and delete
   unwanted email without having to first download your email.

   Visit our website at http://coinet.com and click on "Web Mail"
   or just  Click Here to use our web based email program.  Enter your username and password and follow the on-screen instructions.

   If that does not take care of your problem then return to this page and 
    Click Here  to create a trouble ticket.

I can't receive email from a particular source.

   This problem must be tracked down from the sending side.  Email delivery
   can be held up temporarily or have failed completely.  In either case
   the sender should have received a bounce message.  It is critical that
   we see the bounce message because it will contain the reason for the
   delay or failure. 

   Do these things:
     1. Get the bounce message from the sender (particularly the section
        that tells why the delivery failed).
     2. Ask the sender to send an email to "support@abuse.coinet.com".

   After the above steps are completed,  Click Here  to create a trouble ticket.

I can't receive any email at all.
Were you ever able to receive email? Yes   No
If so, up until when?
What changed at that time?
Has someone else been using your computer? Yes   No
Do you use anit-virus software? Yes   No
If so, which brand?
Do you use (anti-)spyware software ? Yes   No
If so, which brand?
After answering the above questions, to create a trouble ticket.
I can send email but it gets returned with a failure message. The failure ('bounce') message is the key to fixing this problem. This problem can't be fixed without seeing the bounce message. I know, I said the same thing twice, because it is really important. The bounce message will look something like this:
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at jupiter.coinet.com. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. <ikeidjkf@hotmail.com>: does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Giving up on --- Below this line is a copy of the message.
The text hightlighted above in red describes the problem. All email addresses have 2 parts, a user name and a domain name, for example: johndoe@someisp.com has an user name of "johndoe" and a domain name of "someisp.com". Problem description contains This is what went wrong ---------------------------- --------------------------- "does not like recipient" you misspelled the recipient's user name "I couldn't find any host you misspelled the recipient's domain name named ....." "quota exceeded" the recipient's mailbox is full "mailbox full" the recipient's mailbox is full "deferred" there was a temporary failure, normally the delivery will be automatically be retried. "domain is banned" the recipient's email server is blocking "banned for spamming" email from Coinet because they think "message from domain that we (you?) are sending spam, please coinet.com is rejected" click here to create a trouble ticket "unsolicited email is refused" If your bounce message describes a different problem or you are unable to solve the problem you can create a trouble ticker and we can solve it for you, however, you must communicate to us the description of the problem as contained in the bounce message. There are three ways to do this: 1. Forward the bounce message to us, click on ..... 2. Print out the bounce messages and fax it to us at 389-1338 3. Be prepared to read it to the technician when we call you After the above steps are completed, Click Here to create a trouble ticket. I can send email but it does not get to the destination. When an email fails to reach its final destination a bounce message is sent to the sender explaining the reason for the failure. It is very unusual that an email fails without a bounce message.
Has it happened more than once or twice? Yes   No
Has it failed for more than one recipient address? Yes   No
Has it ever worked correctly? Yes   No
How long did you wait for the email to get through?
What recipient address(es) failed?
Are you sure that you did not get a bounce message.? Yes   No
After you create the trouble ticket from the link below we would like to to send text 2 emails to help us solve your problem: Send the first to the recipient address that failed. Send the second to support@coinet.com. After answering the above questions, Click Here to create a trouble ticket. I can't send (any) email. I have a different problem sending email. To setup a dialup or email account using your Coinet Setup CD: 1. Insert the CD in your computer. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions If the Coinet Setup CD fails to setup your account Click Here to create a trouble ticket.