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6. I've tried everything. I need help. What's your technical support policy?

We have office personnel available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to answer general Internet questions. Our technicians are available for problems relating to our clients' Internet connections during the hours of 8am-5pm.


At any time without charge we will:

Sorry, we cannot provide general computer help or deal with hardware or software issues on your end, nor can we walk you through the initial set up. We do, however, provide free disks and printed instructions. We can recommend outside Internet set up consultants who will typically make house calls for $25.

For the last three months we surveyed questions asked us over the phone. This survey showed that 98.2% of the calls were hardware or software-related problems, not Internet connection problems. Our dialup Internet fees are not sufficient to support full-time personnel devoted to answering questions that are not related to the Internet, but related to customers' computer hardware and software. These questions should be directed not to us but to the company you bought your computer from or its manufacturer. Therefore we can offer the following suggestions for this type of support:

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